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Nowadays, more than 99 million children do not go to school around the world. More than 70% of them are in the Middle East which is a huge number, and many dreams are cut short. When girls take advantage of opportunities they deserve, wonderful things start to happen. Poverty declines, families get stronger and babies will be healthier and the world will be a better place to live. Providing the means for education, training, growth and a better life is one of the most important socioeconomic capitals that a developing country can create. Education of kids leads to less war and poverty. Although we alone cannot drastically influence the life of people in the community, but with synergy and unity, we can greatly and deeply influence the country, region and the world. This unity is created by contribution of each individual and will develop into a burning fire.

The Rastin Girls’ Opportunities Foundation aims to empower children, women, girls, and boys in the Middle East. So that by joining this circle, i.e. Life Opportunities Council of Middle East, we can create a safe region. We can resolve the most difficult challenges of our time if we face them together. This belief is the steering belief of the Life Opportunities Council of Middle East. We ask you to join us. The first step in a friendship process is cooperation and solving the problems together. Besides each other to create a safe and calm region, perhaps we would make the Earth a better place for living. Our cooperation and synergy (of the countries in the region) is an opportunity to break the cycle of abject poverty, violence and war. We contribute valuable skills like critical thinking and cooperation with one another to become the members of a global community. We believe that with our cooperation and empathy, we can change the planets, establish peace, since the greatest heritage we may leave for our children is the heritage of sustainable peace. While we are not willing to, our region will not change. Our cooperation and empathy is an antidote to poverty, ignorance and war. Together, we can nurture peace, nurture hopefulness, and change the world at once.

230+Pursuit and demand
150+Provide new solutions
1500+Identify people
180+Direct effect


Introducing the management of the Real Girls Opportunities Foundation

Ms. Laden Ranjbar, equivalent to a doctorate in international law, law graduate (bachelor), political science (master), has a degree in French language from Stranburg, France, holds a certificate in international criminal law from Allameh Tabatabai College, holds a degree in criminal law, certificate Legal Principles of Contracts, Arbitration Certificate from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology – and admission from the International Academy of The Hague in the Netherlands and invitation from the Legal Academy of the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Born on 9/21/1990.

Writings and articles: Natural Law Book. Hojjat book from the perspective of leadership

Email Management: ladanranjbar1990@gmail.com

Management Instagram page: @ladan_ranjbar1990

Phone number: 09901800739

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